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What could you use those resources for?

To perform some tasks that will help you grow.


Understanding where transactions are coming from

User Profiling

Collecting user information while navigating to the site (in a GDPR compliant manner)

Triggering Automations

Send information to your Marketing Automation Platform or to any platorm you need to process them

If you have unknown words in the terminology used above then a) don't buy our tools b) chat with us c) get a growth course


Behind MarketerStash is a top-ranked Growth Agency named GrowthRocks. This tools, playbooks, scripts, plugins are those they use in their projects (customers, own startups or partners) or training courses. Therefore, they are meant for specific needs and purpose: Assisting the company to grow. The Growth Engineers of GrowthRocks decided to give those tools publicly so that other companies would benefit from that. So, we decided to do the next best thing than giving them for free. To give them in a very low price that everyone could afford.


What's our typical marketing stack

With these everything we provide will work out-of-the-box "as-is"
WordPress CMS

Scripts will work in all platforms but plugins provided are WordPress-specific. If you are using, Magento, drupal, opencms, wix or other platforms please chat with us to evaluate together if the tool you need actually fits your need.

Elementor Builder (Pro edition)

Some plugins are coming as custom actions in elementor forms. Therefore, if you are using any other form builder you need to chat with us or not to assume that it is going to work out of the box.

Zapier for data Automations

In playbooks we provide step-by-step examples with zapier. But all plugins or APIs will work out of the box in Make (ex. Integromat) or other data integration platforms you may use

Active Campaign for Marketing Automation

In most of the cases, the same playbooks apply for hubspot, kartra, klayio or other Marketing Automation platfoms. It's just that for Active Campaign they apply out-of-the-box. No adaptations needed.

Google Tag Manager

All events, triggers, advanced scripting and integration with Marketing automation is done by GTM. Even if scripts may work with Segment, rudderstack or other CDP platforms we don't guarantee that it will happen without modifying them

Google Data Studio

That's the data visualization tool we use. Some of the tools will send informations to google sheets that will visualize them in widgets inside this tool. Google sheets will work in any databases or data visualization platforms. Visualization will have to be redone

Meet our ambassadors.

Theo Moulos - CEO of GrowthRocks
Theo Moulos
CEO of GrowthRocks

For the last 10 years, Theo has been founded 11 and exited 4 companies in the area of marktech and marketing services. The flagship brand is GrowthRocks, a renowned company ranked #1 for Growth Hacking worldwide.

Effie Bersoux
CEO of GrowthGirls
Effie Bersoux is a visionary founder with a passion for personal growth and professional excellence.Her middle name is “productivity” and she hates doing something for a second time

Full Bio

George Gorbas
Head Engineer

Leading a team of engineers with a focus on productivity and efficiency. Plugins that do their job and scripts that are making magic. Complex Solutions offered in light speed and working as “advertised”

Full Bio

Frequently asked questions

The short answer is no. The way you will get them from us, meaning ready-to-be-used, you will not find them. Why, we would develop them if we could found them online.

We google very heavily before deciding to develop a code or write a playbook. In most of the times we may find some parts that need a lot of polishing, wrapping and packaging. We do all those making sure that it’s a valuable piece for you and us all

Unfortunately, we have a very strict no-refunds policy. Not because we need to be unfair to any of you but because our tools do not include any kind of security that is protecting copy, usage or licencing. Therefore, we cannot control if you indeed used our material or not

Plugins, get updated very often and platforms present new features all the time. That means that something you bought at some time may become obsolete sometime in the future. That’s the typical lifecycle of a product in tech. We keep updating our resources but some of them may indeed become unusable. If you downloaded something not working, we will update it we pleasure. We always want you to see the value of the resources you bought. That written, it needs to work as documented and analysed. We cannot alter the features if it is not working the way you’re envisioning it. But, in any case we would wish to hear what you need more. Chat us and we will manage to find a solution here.

Yes we do, and they are available at their latest version in your profile.

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See what people are saying!

Marketer Stash has been invaluable for our team. Their suite of tools and playbooks simplified our marketing efforts, leading to a 30% increase in efficiency. The resources are practical and easy to implement, making a tangible impact on our results.
—Lisa M., Marketing Manager at EcoWave
EUsing Marketer Stash’s automation scripts and plugins has revolutionized our approach to lead generation. We experienced a 50% boost in qualified leads within two months. Their small piece of code or products are essential for any serious marketer
— John T., CEO of BrightMedia Solutions
The insights and tools from Marketer Stash have been a game-changer for our campaigns. The user profiling and attribution resources particularly stood out, helping us refine our targeting and improve conversion rates by 40%."
— Amanda S., Digital Strategist at TrendSetters Co.
Marketer Stash's solutions are top-notch. Their comprehensive range of plugins and automation tools helped us streamline processes and increase engagement by 35%. The support team is also fantastic, offering great assistance when needed.
— Martin B., COO at ElysianFields
Please keep in mind that results may vary. While testimonials come from our customers, they do not guarantee specific results.
DO you want us to develop your tool and get it in such a discounted price?

IF YOU CAN DESCRIbe it, we will do it.
(a) Business value, (b) technical specs, (c) Done

Day 1
Day 1
Day 2-4
Evaluation by our team
Not all submissions will proceed
Day 2-4
Day 5
Agree on the discounted price
Day 5
Day 10
Day 10
Day 12
Publish in Platform
Day 12


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Let’s take this to your inbox.

We’ll send you occasional emails about whatever’s on our minds—product launches, beauty routines, events, puppies, you get the idea.
Yes, I would like to receive email updates from Glossier. Unsubscribe anytime. For more information, see our Privacy Policy